Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to buy underlay?

We strongly recommend the purchase of new underlay with any new carpet because it will give the best comfort and performance, and will also prolong the carpet’s life. Reusing existing underlay will cause the carpet to flatten more quickly in the areas of heaviest wear because the underlay will be less resilient in these areas, and these are the places where the carpet needs the most support.

How quickly can you fit the carpet / flooring?

It all depends on the size of the job, we can usually fit within a few days. If it’s a big job then it could be around a week but are very flexible and can try to work around you!

Do you offer FREE delivery?

If we are fitting the carpet/vinyl/laminate then YES, why pay extra when the fitters will bring it to your property regardless!?
For delivery only items, we charge depending on the distance. Usually starting from £10.

Do you offer a FREE measuring Service?

YES! We simply ask you to pop into one of our stores first, to get a feel for what you want and then we can come out and measure what is required, no deposit required.